Vessel Accident & Incident Summary, technical operator risk rating. Before and after incident risk rating

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More problems for the Chemical Tanker JABRAYIL DOVLATZADEH #IMO9383613

Published 24-05-2022

Discover more about how the vessel increased it Red Risk Rating
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Difficult Times Still for 13-year-old Bulk Carrier THUNDER IMO 9558892

Published 17-05-2022

Find out more about last October's mechanical failure and April's social media comment.
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Wet Cargo Technical Managers/Operators Q1 2022

Published 21-04-2022

Who are 'The Good', The 'Very Average' and 'The Ugly' Operators so far this year?
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2021s Top and Poorest Performing Wet Cargo Technical Managers/Operators!

Published 22-03-2022

The Top, the most Average and Lowest Rated Technical Managers from 23,905 Wet Cargo Vessels Safety Risk Rated during 2021
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IMRRA's 2021 Wet Cargo Vessel Risk Ratings Annual Report

Published 18-03-2022

A short summary on IMRRA's risk rating methodology, followed by the top-5 and bottom Green and Amber operators.
Ending with the worst 5 performing operator from over 23,905 vessels risk rated in 2021.
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International Maritime Risk Rating Agency's Top-5 Ranked Wet Cargo Vessels of 2021

Published 08-03-2022

IMRRA's unique top-5 rated Wet Cargo vessel winners and their managers by vessel type.
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What Were the Most Traded Wet Cargo Vessels in 2021?

Published 23-02-2022

  • 2021 Risk Rated Vessels by Traded Tonnage
  • Discover 2021 Risk Rated Vessels by Age & Type
  • IMRRA's Top-3 Vessels Offered for Trade by Age and Tonnage during 2021
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Chemical Tanker BLACK FUEL IMO 8407632 -'s 2021s Highest Red Vessel Risk Rating!

Published 24-11-2021

Uncover seven ‘Red’ risk rated vessels assessed by IMRRA's at the beginning of November 2024.
Includes: two bulk cargo vessels, one chemical tanker, four general cargo vessels and their technical managers

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IMRRA's Open-Source Intelligence data (OSINT) collection and integration of Avalanche AI technology

Published 16-03-2021

Discover more about how IMRRA is using OSINT data for its clients and vessel risk rating reports.

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The Art of Sanctions Busting

Published 17-02-2021

Noam Raydan"s excellent second investigative article on the subject of "The Art Of Sanctions-Busting". IMRRA assisted with intelligence information on PSC Deficiencies, casualty, Flag, incidents, ownership and vessel particulars information to explain the very high vessel risk rating of 53% for the HAPPY IMO 9040170.

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IMRRA's 2020 PSC Summary Update and Blockchain Announcement

Published 17-02-2021

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January 2021 Oil Terminal & Social Media and the Effect on IMRRA's Risk Ratings

Representative of a Vessel's Safety Risk Rating?

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Oil Terminals Feedback & Online Crew Social Media Comments

Do they represent a Vessel’s Safety Risk Rating?

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IMRRA's Red vessel risk rating for Jaguar S (IMO 9175169) mentioned in the news!

High Risk Tanker Held In Lebanon Previously Involved In Moving Oil To Syria.

Noam Raydan,

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Dry Cargo Vessel World Fleet Safety Status?

Nearly 80 Percent "Require Increased Risk Management Strategies"

Download Robert Frump's article here

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We work for 12-14 hours, but they record 8-9 hours

A Vessel's Social Media Performance can affect its safety rating

Download the case study here

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Case study commentary on the Aressa (IMO number 7612498) drugs seizure and arrest

Why the vessel received a high risk rating, and how it was subsequently arrested

Download the case study here

ARESSA IMO 7612498 Vessel Risk Rating Case Study.pdf ARESSA IMO 7612498 Risk Rating Report

Port Authorities and Port State Control working together using latest detection technology for drugs law enforcement

How IMRRA’s Risk Rating Reports can assist Port Authorities & Port State Control

Download the article here for more details on how IMRRA profiles high risk drugs vessels

Port Authorites and Customs Checking

The Coronavirus’ impact on Maritime Safety and Vessels

What’s the future in the Short and Medium Term?

Download potential future vessel safety challenges due the Coronavirus-19

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New ‘Red’ vessel risk rating of 51% for Russian Tanker towed by nuclear icebreakers

Published 06-04-2020

Download more information on the disabled tanker Disabled tanker VARZUGA

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Cancelling Physical Oil & Gas Vessel Safety Inspections? Is there an alternative?

Published 23-03-2020

Download your copy of "Thinking about Cancelling Physical Oil & Gas Safety Inspections? Is there an alternative?"

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Largest drug bust in Aruba history, ship crew arrested.

On the 19th Feb 2020 IMRRA risk assessed general cargo vessel Arresa (IMO 7612498) giving it a RED (high) risk rating, with a specific vessel risk rating of 74%. The risk rating was 35.3% over the fleet type average of 38.7%. Read more about Aruba’s biggest ever drugs bust!

Download your copy of's press release for more information:

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Selected Dry & Liquid cargo vessels registered under the Russian Federation Flag involved in incidents.

March 2019 and March 2020.

Download your copy of's press release for more information:

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55% Increase in Front Altair Safety Risk Rating June 13, 2019, Bay of Oman.

Two Tankers Attacked, Both Hit, Both Were on Fire.

Download your copy of's press release for more information:

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U.S. Vessels sanctions risk information now available in’s vessel safety risk rating reports.

With heightened geopolitical tensions, brought to international media attention by the detention of the Iranian VLCC Grace 1 by the Gibraltar government. Marinerating,com’s new ‘Vessel Sanctions Risk Data’ field is now available for charterers, terminals and related shipping sectors.

Download your copy of's press release for more information:

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Dry & Liquid Bulk Vessel Safety Risk Ratings.

Predictive shipping safety analytics can help reduce your business prevent cargo or chartering risk!

In any vessel safety risk process for companies there is a ‘strain’ between the desire for increased or better information, and the practicality of collecting the information. Most small-to-medium sized…

Download your copy of's new monthly blog for more information:
Dry & Liquid Bulk Vessel Safety Risk Ratings

Link between a tankers age, PSC deficiencies and risk of detention.

Vessel safety statistics for February 2019 compiled by the International Risk Rating Agency expose the link between a vessel’s age, deficiencies and the risk of detention.

Download your copy of IMRRA’s Port State Control Deficiencies February 2019 commentary:
Link between a tankers age, PSC deficiencies and risk of detention.

White papers available from IMRRA:

IMRRA’s white paper as published in Tanker Shipping & Trades special supplement:
Why polar code operations need a second line of defence

Tanker Shipping & Trades ‘Decoding the Polar Code’:
DPC_2017_Issue_Tanker_Shipping & Trade