Why do companies use

What we doIMRRA services are used

  • To deal with commercial vessel safety operational threats
  • To reduce the risk of casualties
  • To reduce the risk of incidents
  • To avoid risks of reputational damages.

IMRRA aggregated database is used for analyzing the potential risks of ships based on the “big data” algorithm concept that serves as an effective tool for identifying high-risk vessels that pose a threat to the navigation safety and marine industry.

Stage 1: check for your vessel hazard identification with Red/Amber/Green traffic light risk ratings.

Stage 2: compare vessel risk to the fleet average.


As a part of continuous improvement in safety and security risk evaluation of all vessel types, IMRRA has recently invested in the sophisticated technical means to meet ever-changing criteria and threats such as

  • USA sanctions Risk Information
  • Terrorist threats to marine terminals and operations
  • Risk of Radioactive contamination
  • Illegal Immigration
  • Drug trafficking

To get comprehensive information IMRRA is using Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) methodology for collecting, analyzing and making decisions about data accessible in publicly available sources.

Aiming to make the process of marine risk assessment more transparent and time efficient, IMRRA assists shipping companies to quantify the fleets’ risks and analyze operational safety performance, taking into account the prevailing market conditions, chartering preferences, and regulatory or contractual requirements.


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Traffic Light Ratings Explained

Immediate action to control the vessel hazard. High risk for severe incidents/casualties.
A planned approach to vessel risk management, apply temporary risk management as required.
Acceptable risk – no further action is recommended due to high standard of vessel operation.  Green risk rated vessels are less likely to harm your company’s reputation.