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Vessel Name IMO Number Vessel Type Analysis Date Risk Rating Fleet Type Avg.  
CAMILA B 9173056 Gas Carrier 02-JUN-23 Details
SERI CENDERAWASIH 9714288 Gas Carrier 02-JUN-23 Details
JANESIA ASPHALT V 9442160 OBO 02-JUN-23 Details
KEOYOUNG MASTER 9502520 Chemical/Oil Products Tanker 02-JUN-23 Details
JINZHOU STAR 9268552 Chemical/Oil Products Tanker 02-JUN-23 Details
SANTIAGO I 9730347 Chemical/Oil Products Tanker 02-JUN-23 Details
STOLT PERSEVERANCE 9124471 Chemical/Oil Products Tanker 02-JUN-23 Details

Simple Traffic Light Risk Ratings Red/Amber/Green Help You to Manage Your Vessel Risk

Vessel is a high probability risk for severe incidents/casualties - take action now!
Vessel requires an immediate action risk control plan to mitigate stakeholders risk.
Vessel higher standard of vessel operation.

Require more information to make a decision either way? exclusive risk trends tables are available to help you. Compare the vessel's risk to the average for its Class or Type to assist you with your commercial decision. Risk trends are here

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