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Vessel Name IMO Number Vessel Type Analysis Date Risk Rating Fleet Type Avg.  
Msc Suez 8918978 Container Ship 16-AUG-19 Details
Delta 9595395 Bulk carrier 16-AUG-19 Details
Anglo Alexandria 9451044 Bulk carrier 15-AUG-19 Details
Crown Ruby 9159103 General Cargo 15-AUG-19 Details
Anya 9730268 Bulk carrier 15-AUG-19 Details
Wild Peony 9191474 Container Ship 15-AUG-19 Details
Frisian Summer 9367762 General Cargo 15-AUG-19 Details
Requires immediate action to control the potential hazard. Vessel a high-risk probability for severe accidents and casualties.
A planned approach to vessel risk management. Higher vessel risk ratings require increased risk management strategies.
Highest standard of vessel operation. Green risk ratings are more likely to reduce your risk and increase profits.
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Example IMRRA Vessel Assessment report & Sample information collected by IMRRA:

Sample Ship Risk Assessment Report
General, Bulk Carrier and Container vessels

Sample Red Vessel Risk Rating Report
Bulk Carrier

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