Risk Rating (Vessels)

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Vessel Name IMO Number Vessel type Technical Manager/Operator
Analysis Date
Risk Rating
Al Shegaya 9162887 Oil Tanker Kuwait Oil Tanker Co 19-MAR-18   Details
Sten Idun 9261102 Chemical/
Oil Products Tanker
Rederiet Stenersen AS 19-MAR-18   Details
Happy Lady 9644225 Chemical/
Oil Products Tanker
Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Ltd 19-MAR-18   Details
Rose Diamond 9257125 Chemical/
Oil Products Tanker
Dorval Ship Management K.k 19-MAR-18   Details
Maersk Privilege 9263643 Oil Tanker Anglo Eastern Shipmanagement Singapore Pte Ltd 19-MAR-18   Details
Anatoly Kolodkin 9610808 Oil Tanker Scf Management Services Dubai 19-MAR-18   Details
Stavfjord 9401544 Chemical/
Oil Products Tanker
Osm Ship Management AS 19-MAR-18   Details
Requires immediate action to control the potential hazard. Vessel a high-risk probability for severe accidents and casualties.
A planned approach to vessel risk management. Higher vessel risk ratings require increased risk management strategies.
Highest standard of vessel operation. Green risk ratings are more likely to reduce your risk and increase profits.

Example IMRRA Vessel Assessment report & Sample information collected by IMRRA

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