Dry Cargo Vessels

Why purchase a new Dry Cargo vessel risk rating report from marinerating.com?

Dry Cargo Vessel Dry cargo vessel agents, operators and owners do not place their emphasis on vessel safety due to fewer safety regulation requirements compared to the Oil & Gas tanker market, and duly focus their commercial interests on price and time.

IMRRA’s analysts work 24/7, 365-days a year to ensure our customers are never without the latest vessel safety risk information when conducting their business.

With over 10,000 rigorous Oil & Gas tanker risk assessments undertaken for our clients in the past five-years, an unrivalled depth of safety-first knowledge is now available for the Dry Bulk sector.

Our customers receive their new Dry Bulk vessel risk rating reports within a maximum of 4-business hours from request. Marinerating.com risk rating reports are powerful vessel risk reports for targeting Green and Amber risk rated vessels, helping our customers to save time when fast decisions are required.

Highlights of every report contains:

  • Red/Amber/Green vessel safety risk ratings
  • Risk Profile
  • Vessel specific percentage risk rating to compare the variance from the fleet average
  • Casualty History
  • Technical Manager Risk Rating
  • Basic Vessel Particulars
  • PSC History
  • Port or Terminal Feedback
  • Trading Areas
  • Vessel Certification

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